At the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation we've designed a unique membership structure to help activists, businesses, and consumers get involved in the community at any level. Each level is completely free to join, and will always be free to anyone who wants to be a part of the upcoming cannabis industry. 

The CRCL Activist: CRCL Activists are those that are willing and able to join the CRCL in the most engaged way possible. This can include volunteering in the office, attending events, supporting upcoming legislation, and potentially appearing in the press as needed. CRCL Activists can join either publicly or anonymously, and the information of those that join anonymously will never be shared or published. 

Friends of the CRCL: Friends of the CRCL are members of the Coalition and support Coalition actions but may be unable to volunteer in a more active way. Members are always welcome to change their membership status at any time as they see fit. Friends of the CRCL can join either publicly or anonymously as well, and the information of those that join anonymously will never be shared or published. 


Here's what some of our CRCL Activists have to say:

“I am excited and honored to become an active and contributing member of The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation. As a staunch proponent of the rights and freedoms of each individual, I feel it is not only my duty, but my privilege to support this movement which, I feel, embodies those freedoms. It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the upcoming vote for the legalization and taxation of Marijuana in the State of Alaska, and the unique opportunities to follow.”

-Peter Casey

“I love the work you guys are doing and would like my name to be shown in support of this movement. In addition I would like to volunteer efforts and resources to the organization. Keep me posted as to what the organization needs and what I can do to assist it.”

-Girard Gaul


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Although we do respect the anonymity of our members, when signing up it is strongly recommended to eventually allow us to release a mass listing of supporters to show the numbers that support our purpose and cause are legitimate.