One of the best ways to communicate your desire for a legitimate cannabis industry in Alaska is to testify is to get involved at the local level. We've created this short testimonial for you to send to your Senator, Representative, or local government officials to let them know the need for action on this matter.

Just copy, paste and print. You are now ready to present on behalf of yourself and the cannabis community!


My name is ________________ and I live at/in _______________. I am here today to address the _____________ concerning the matter of implementing ballot measure 2, "an act to tax and regulate marijuana in Alaska.

As we all know, ballot measure two was approved by the Alaska voters. In fact measure 2 ended up winning by 6.5%. It received more votes than Dan Sullivan, Bill Walker, and Don Young. 14 out of the 20 Alaska State Senate districts voted yes (70%). 25 out of the 40 Alaska State House districts voted yes (62.5%).

This sends a strong message to those individuals making decisions for our community. Alaskans and the people of ___________________________ desire an approach to marijuana regulation that no longer demonizes the substance, but regulates it in a manner similar to alcohol.

It is for this reason that I urge you to allow canna-businesses to operate within our city/borough. Retail marijuana outlets will allow legitimate medicinal marijuana patients to obtain their medicine more easily as well as significantly reduce black market sales of recreational marijuana. Commercial and retail marijuana facilities will provide jobs as well as revenue in the form of fees levied on stores selling the product.

Alaska is in a budget crisis. Although marijuana sales alone will not halt our financial woes, it would be foolish to ignore the opportunity placed before our community.

In closing I would like to thank all in attendance for your time and your consideration of my proposal.