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responsible Cannabis regulations in alaska

The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation (CRCL) was founded in 2013 as an advocacy group for the campaign of the legalization of marijuana in Alaska. CRCL fought for the passing of Ballot Measure 2 (Bill 13PSUM), which would make the production, sale, and usage of recreational marijuana legal in the state. On November 4th, 2014 voters approved Measure 2 with over 53% of the vote. The ballot received more voter attention than the governmental and Congressional races of Dan Sullivan, Bill Walker, and Don Young. 14 out of the 20 Alaska State Senate districts (70%) voted to pass the bill. 25 out of the 40 Alaska State House districts (62.5%) voted to approve the bill. At CRCL we recognize that Alaskans desire an approach to marijuana regulation that decriminalizes its use and regulates it responsibly and fairly. Proper implementation of Measure 2 will create a legitimate industry in Alaska and usher in a new wave of personal freedom and economic growth.

The bill was certified as law on February 26th, 2015. It defines who may use recreational Cannabis, where it may be consumed, and how much can be cultivated and possessed within one's home. 13PSUM serves to regulate Cannabis very similarly to alcohol: it may not be consumed by persons under the age of 21, may not be consumed in public, and may only be cultivated in relatively small amounts without a commercial production license. Though bill 13PSUM lays the foundation for responsible Cannabis legislation in Alaska, it is not exhaustive. Legislators now have nine months to implement many laws governing the production, sale and safety of Cannabis in Alaska.

The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation seeks to bridge the gap between local legislators, Alaskan families, and Alaskan business in this new industry. Our goal is to provide a network of information, advocacy, and support so that the transition into the cannabis industry is as smooth as possible for all parties involved. We recognize the importance of these relationships, and act as a way for communication to pass freely on all sides. 

During the election cycle the Coalition worked tirelessly to support the passing of Ballot Measure 2 and to forge these relationships with Alaska’s leaders. We are currently working with Senators, House Representatives and Council Members on both sides of the isle to push Alaska’s desire for cannabis legitimacy into the mainstream.

Now that the first step has been taken we need you to get involved - the people of Alaska. Whether you're a consumer, business owner, or a concerned citizen we want you to reach out to the CRCL. We offer a platform for you to provide us with your thoughts on legal marijuana in Alaska, read the bill, and join our coalition. We believe that together we can create a bipartisan approach to marijuana legalization that will support safe, sustainable economic growth.



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